1870 Census MI Potter,  Compiled by James W. Blankenship jkblank1(at)sbcglobal.net


1870 Census, Medina Twp., Lenawee Co., MI, Page #8, Dwlg #415/408, Aug 4

Potter, Orin                            74, W, M, VT, Retired Carpenter $300/$50,

Potter, Elizabeth                     56, W, M, Eng, Keeping House,


1870 Census, Midland Twp., Midland Co., MI, Page #139a, Dwlg #91/91

Potter, Henry                       55, M, NY, Common Laborer 500      

Potter, Almira                      43, F, NY, Keeps House   

Potter, Elijah W.                  22, M, NY, Farm Laborer   200      

Continued on  Page #139B

Potter, Jessee B.                 20, M, NY, Common Laborer

Potter, Mary E.                    18, F, NY, At Home       

Cronkright, Mary                73, F, NY, Lives With Son


1870 Cen., Petersburg, Summerfield Twp., Monroe Co., MI, Page #494a, Dwlg #171/170

Potter, John A.                     26, M, W, MI, Farmer, 1,000    

Potter, Eliza J.                      22, F, W, OH, Keeping House 

Potter, Anna B.                    02, F, W, MI,

Pifry, Gotfred                       24, M, W, Wurtenburg,  Laborer       


1870 Census, Ward 1, Muskegon, Muskegon Co., MI, Page #257a, Dwlg #37/37, Aug 5

Potter, George                     26, M, W, MI, Shoemaker,

Potter, Lottie                        21, F, W, MI, Keep house,


1870 Census, 2, Muskegon, Muskegon Co., MI, Page #301b, Dwlg #372/370, Aug 3

Potter, Edwin                        37, M, W, VT, Lawyer, 8,000, 2,000,

Potter, Ellen                         32, F, W, NB, Keeps house,

Potter, Gertrude                  09, F, W, MI

Potter, Ellen                         07, F, W, MI


1870 Census, Ward 2, Muskegon, Muskegon Co., MI, Page #304a, Dwlg #403/401, Aug 3

Bennett, G. M.                     39, M, W, MI, Restaurant, 1,500-3,000    

Bennett, Alice                      26, F, W, Eng, Keeps house,

Bennett, Clarence                03, M, W, MI,

Bennett, Alva                       01, M, W, MI,

Winslow, Emily                    19, F, W, NY, Domestic,

Burch, Julia                          20, F, W, Eng,

Whittaker, Thomas              23, M, W, Eng, Huckster, 4,000    

Towl , Albert                        27,M, W, OH, Huckster, 400-4,000    

Cary, Thomas                      20, M, W, Ire, Huckster      

Mormon, N. R.                    27, M, W, MI, Restaurant, 3,500    

Potter, Charles                     18, M, W, NY, Clerk

Henry, Anna                         20, F, W, NY, Clerk

Harris, William                    24, M, W, Isle of Man, Baker


1870 Cen., White Hall, Blue Lake Twp., Muskegon Co., MI, Page #185b, Dwlg #52/47, Jul 15

Polter, Dewitt                       49, M, W, OH, Farmer, 800-250, Surname could be Potter

Polter, Susan                        38, F, W, OH, Keep house

Polter, Cynthia                     19, F, W, OH, Domestic

Polter, Henry                       17, M, W, MI, School

Polter, Cristian                     15, M, W, MI, School

Polter, Lyman                      13, M, W, MI, School

Polter, Leroy                        12, M, W, MI, School

Polter, Carrie                       05, F, W, MI, School


1870 Census, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI, Page #13, Dwlg #78/85

Potter, Wm                           27, M, W, NY, Plasterer,

Potter, Hattie                       26, F, W, MI, Keeping House,