Welcome to the Blankenshipweb


††††††††††† This site was set up as a shared research site for working on the Blankenship family. The Blankenshipweb main page is at http://www.blankenshipweb.com/ from there I have links to the Genealogy web sites where I keep the genealogy file. and the front door to the Area Timeline Database where I have set up all of the information that we have gathered so far on the Blankenship family.


††††††††††† This a2z is the entrance to the files that Iím now setting up for the other Names that Iím working on. Iíve found that as I work on the family that I had to keep going back to different sites for another look with some new information that I just found. This is very time consuming, sonow when I look thru and area or site I will put off every thing that I find so it will be easier to look back thru it.


††††††††††† I try to format the Census records all the same to make it easier to work with. I use Times New Roman for text as it gives me the most information per line. So if you tried to down load it and the format is off try putting it in Times New Roman.


††††††††††† The fields; I put the numbers first (age, date) then single letter (color, sex, married/single) then the 2/3 letter births, then the word fields. It take a little bit of time to do but the out come is worth the time.


††††††††††† Most of the lines here are MI thru Canada, from NY or England. These are the areaís that I will be working. If some is working a whole family website feel free to add this information to your web site.


††††††††††† You can contact me at Jim@Blankenshipweb.com