††††††††††† The International Genealogical Index Records, are a mass of data that has been collected from the records in England by a lot of different people. For the most part they are not organized and take a lot of time to search thru because of the repeated entries,Iíve taken the time to go thru them and reformatted them to make it a lot easier to work with. I did the search with the soundex on, so that all spellings would come up and I left the spellings as found. Iíve set them up by Shires (Counties), type of record, then by dates.

††††††††††† If you would like to see the films for your self, you can use this information to find the records. It will take me some time to get thru all of it but Iím working on it and I finish a Shire Iíll post it here.