1360-1369 Cumberland, Compiled by James W. Blankenship jkblank1(at)sbcglobal.net 



+Blenkinsop Manor, Cumberland Co., England

Blenkinsop, Thomas, Sir Son of Sir Thomas Blenkinsop

Swynbourne, Margaret Wife of Sir Thomas Blenkinsop

Thomas De Blenkinsopp held the manor of Blenkinsopp in 1365. He was a commissioner of Array of Cumberland in 1369, and Knight of the shire of Cumberland in 1374 ; he held custody of Rosbargbe Castle in 1383 and Deposed in the famous ”Scrope and Grosvenor Controversy” in 1386”

m. Margaret ?, Widow of Alavn Del Strother, and probably dau. of Sir William De Swynbourne Shown is son John

                                                                Taken from the Blenkensop Castle Tree

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Roxburgh Castle, Cumberland Co., England

Roxburgh Castle, then known as Marchidun, is first recorded as the residence of the Earl of Northumberland in 1107. After David I renamed it, it became a residence for Scottish Kings over the next two hundred years. Within its walls, kings were born and kings were married, and outside its walls, kings died. It was a massive fortress with four towers and at least one church within its walls. With the Wars of Independence, it became an important site. In 1296 it was captured by Edward I. It changed hands frequently, thereafter, until 1460, when it remained in English hands for 100 years. From 1124 until it was finally destroyed in 1550, it had been continuously occupied by either one side or the other.


                                From: Don Blankenship db452(at)earthlink.net