1600-1609 Cumberland, Compiled by James W. Blankenship jkblank1(at)sbcglobal.net 


Corby Castle, Cumberland Co., England,

SOURCE:  Magna Britannia -  Nobility of the County lxxxix-xciv

SALKELD of Little-Salkeld, Corby, Whitehall, &c. – George Salkeld, who sold the ancient family residence in the time of the civil war, is supposed to have been the last of the elder branch. Sir Richard de Salkeld became possessed of Corby in the reign of Edward III. by a grant from the crown. This branch became extinct in the male line, temp. Henry VII. when two of the five coheiresses married Salkeld of Whitehall, and Blenkinsop. The Salkelds of Whitehall were descended from a younger son of the Corby branch, who settled at Gowbarrow; not long after they became possessed of Corby. This branch, after three descents, removed to Whitehall. The Salkelds of Whitehall became extinct by the death of Dr. Henry Salkeld, a physician of York, about the middle of the last century[q]. An heiress of Hudleston and a coheiress of Berdesey, married into the Whitehall branch. The Salkelds of Ros-gill, in Westmorland, whose heiress married Christian, were descended from a younger son of the Salkelds of Corby. The name still remains in that part of Westmorland.

SOURCE:    Magna Britannia - Parochial History 167-172

                Salkeld [i]: his descendant - of the same name, who died in the reign of Henry VII (1485-1509 AD),  left two daughters co-heiresses, married to. Salkeld of Whitehall, and Blenkinsop. The immediate descendants of these families sold their moieties of Corby to Lord William Howard; Blenkinsop sold in 1606, Salkeld in 1624. Lord William gave Corby to his second son, Sir Francis, the im­mediate ancestor of Henry Howard, Esq. the present, possessor. There is a full length poitrait at Corby Castle of Lord William. Howard. The pleasure grounds on the banks of the Eden are much enriched with wood, and present a great variety of beautiful scenery.

                Corby Castle was originally a stone 14th century tower house, belonging to the Salkeld family, a wing was added when purchased in 17th century by the Howard family. In the 19th century the tower house and wing, were absorbed in the construction of a splendid mansion, which is reputedly haunted by “The Shining Boy of Corby”. 6 miles west is Carlisle Castle.

                Corby Castle is located on the east bank of the River Eden, south of Great Corby. 6 miles east of Carlisle on the


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Kendal, Cumbrian Parish Registers,

Blaykling Anne                      d of Christofer Blaykling of Kirkland bapt 1609 Aug 6

Blaykling Jennett                   d of Edward Blaykling of Stramongate bapt 1609 Nov 21