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1662, Cambria, England (probably)

Blankinship, Ralph

Birth of Ralph Blankinship, Sr.


Accawmack created in 1634 Original                                                                      


Accomack created in 1663 from Northampton                                                        


1634, Accomac Co., VA

Long before the first white settlers arrived in what is now Virginia, the Native Americans called the Eastern Shore by the name Accawmacke ---meaning the "across the water place". Accawmacke was settled very early by the English. According to history, the natives on the Eastern Shore were friendly and access to the area was easy. The word Chesapeake is the modern English spelling of the native term for "great water". To the early settlers, this "great water" made for easier travel than trying to go into the interior of the New World. So, early settlement was concentrated in the coastal areas.
          The original shire of Accomac, created in 1634, covered the entire Eastern Shore. The name of the shire was changed to Northampton in 1642. This name change was part of an effort by the English to eliminate "heathen" names in the New World. So, an English name, Northampton, was chosen.
          By the year 1663, many, many settlers has chosen the Eastern Shore as their new home. It was decided that the area should be divided into two counties. So, the northern half got back its original name--- but spelled Accomac.
          Accomac County was abolished for a time in 1670. Governor William Berkeley, wanted to arrest Col. Edmund Scarburgh for the murders of some native chiefs. This was one of the incidents that led to Bacon's Rebellion in 1676. Scarburgh claimed to be a Burgess for Accomac, and members of the General Assembly were immune to arrest. So, to circumvent this situation, Governor Berkeley nullified the law that created the county. This eliminated Scarburgh's protection from being arrested. When Scarburgh died in 1671, the General Assembly re-created Accomac County.
         Accomac County officially became Accomack in 1940, when the General Assembly resolved that the county name would be spelled with the "k".


Charles City created in 1634 Original                                                                     


Elizabeth City created in1634 Original                                                                    


Essex created in 1692 from old Rappahannock                                                      


Gloucester created in 1651 from York                                                                    


Henrico created in 1634 Original                                                                             


c1690, Henrico Co., VA, Marrage

Blankinship, Ralph

To Martha (prob) Clay


1690, Henrico Co., VA, Court record

original document was obtained by Wes Blankenship

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At a court held at Varina for the County of Henrico, the first day of April by their Majesties, Justices of ye said County in the second year of ye reign of our Sovereign Lord & Lady William and Mary by the grace of God of England, France & Ireland, King & Queen, Defenders of ye faith & etc. and in the year of our Lord God, 1690.

Mr. Richard Cocke (Presiding Justice)
Capt. William Randolph
Mr. Peter Field
Mr. Richard Kennon
Capt. Francis Epes
Mr. William Glover
Mr. John Worsham
                Upon the petition of Mr. Richard Kennon these may certify that there is due unto him eight thousand acres of land for the importation of ninety servants into this Colony whose names are underwritten & for seventy persons more, being negroes, the same being legally provided by his oath in open Court, viz:
                William Restrick, Jacob Bassford, Lawrence Bridger, John Cornell, Joseph Whitehall, Richard Farmer, Henry Knight, Thomas Watson, William Tuttle, Rebecca George, Jane Coby.
John Bridges, Christopher Hill, Job Rosse, Jefferson Baldwin, Jefferson Curtis, William Edwards, Edward Corbin, William Chambers, John Evans, Thomas Franklin, Robert Floyd
James Harris, John Livesay, Matthew Oakley, Richard Allen, Mary Spindlers
John Webb, William Sweston, Joseph Steward, Richard Lewis, John Sledge, Elizabeth Pendall
Thomas Bone, Thomas Stephens, Elias Trottman, Paul Willowby
Lawrence Burrell, John Dawson, Richard Mercey, Thomas Peters, John Underhill, John Brookbank, Diana Collins, Elizabeth Kendall, Judith Bates, Elizabeth Young, Sarah Rawlinson
Richard Baker, John Byrd, Jrf Kannam, William Midgeley, Anthony Parr, William Skyhom, Samuel Wilmot, Nicholas Sharp, John Gatchell, Bartholomew Stowe, Jefferson Town, Mary Saly
Charles Pain, Richard Fletcher, Joseph Brett, Robert More.Elizabeth Turner
Joseph Walker, Thomas Mercey,
Ralph Blankship, John Fossitt, Roger Roberts, Jacob Howard, Sarah Shepherd

Henry Brooks, John Bradshaw, Robert Grigg, William Griffin, Joseph Higgens, Joseph Marshall, William Triphook, Thomas Sissom, Siro Pooke, Mary Marshall, Mary Middleton

Issac Gill, Jacob Gill, Stephen Gill, Joseph Gill, Peter Gill, Ann Gill, Mary Gill
Fifty negroes at one time & twenty negroes more at another time.

Henrico Co., Order Book (1678-1693), Page 327

 [Marginal Notes:]
Com: Hen..d p l " die Ap. Jis Anno Domino 1690, ?[Commissioned in Henrico County, April 1690]?
The Court is adjourned to the first of December next.
Concodat: cum Original: Examine & signed in Court, Presiding: Thomas Cocke
Teste: Henry Randolph
G: Cur:

1695, Henrico Co., VA

Blankinship, Ralph

Henrico Co. VA Will & Deed Book (1688-1697), p. 577

“Apr 1695 deposition states about 33 years of age" Don Blankenship db-email(at)earthlink.net


Isle of Wight created in 1637 new named for Warrosquyoake                              


James City created in 1634 from New Kent                                                           


King and Queen created in 1691 from New Kent                                                   


Lancaster created in 1651 from Northumberland, York                                         


1653, Lancaster Co., VA, Head Right Land Claim

Blakinsop, Henry

Nugent's Cavaliers and Pioneers

“December 26th 1653 Charles Grymes identifies Henry Blakinsop as one of several men whose head right he claimed.”

http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=73&last=&g_p=P3&collection=LO Patent

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Middlesex created in 1673 from Lancaster                                                


New Kent created in 1654 from York                                                                      


Norfolk created in 1691 from Portsmouth (Now City of Chesapeake)                  


Northampton created in 1642 new named for Accawmack                         


Northumberland created in1648 from Chickacoan District                        


Princess Anne created in 1691 from now City of Virginia Beach               


Richmond created in 1692 from old Rappahannock                                               


Stafford created in 1664 from Westmoreland                                                         


Surry created in 1652 from James City                                                                   


Warrosquyoake created in 1634 Original                                                               


Warwick created in 1642 new named for Warwick River                          


Warwick River created in1634                                                                                


York created in 1634 from Charles River